7venHills Media: Why we are here!

7venHills Media

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7venHills Media, run by individuals with proven track record in writing for diverse media, graphic designing, editing, proof reading and website management, is the place corporate organisations’ and individuals’ content needs meet perfect solutions.

Content Providers

The content needs that 7ven Hills Media provides are diverse; however, let’s put it into clearer perspective.

Our principal, Fred Chiagozie Nwonwu, has worked in various capacities in the Nigerian media. Growing from a wannabe writer who posts to online forums and comments on topical issues to the editor of a PAN-African business magazine in three years is a testament to his abilities as a writer.

Rising through the ranks, even if faster than normal, he witnessed media businesses launch with fanfare only to clash or close shop soon after. From observing these businesses and studying their model, he concluded that a key component that the Nigerian media sector needs to meet its peculiar challenges is a party that can take the running of the media away from financiers, while providing the quality service they crave.

While many financiers are willing to own or have a stake in high quality magazines, the time and effort needed to structure the business and get the skilled work force required has generally been lacking. Even when a financier is willing to take the risk and brave the turbulent media landscape the patience to wait for the long gestation period required is also lacking. In this space, we saw an existing need.

Outside the media proper, there are those who seek content and management for their corporate or personal websites but lack the skills or the time to provide it themselves.  Here too, we saw a need.

Then there are writers who lack the time or the skills to edit their manuscripts. A need exists here and we see it clear enough to provide the needed solution.

We also saw the dilemma of those who have a story to tell, but lack the skill to tell it. We saw those whose life story, if well told, would be a blessing to others. We saw those who may well have the skill required to tell their own stories but can never find the time to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, as the case may be. Yes, here there is a great need and the solution is already with us.

Graphic Design and Publishing

All of the need outlined above lead to another need: design and publishing.

You have written that powerful, life-changing book; worked on the structure and content of your magazine and newsletter. Now you need to get it out there, to print it, to publish, to hold it in your hands and see it in the hands of the reading public, but do not know how. We provide solution for that need.

7ven Hills Media knows the best designers and printers in town. They are affiliated to us and we can get your work to them and back.

These and other reasons are why you should pitch your tent with 7venHills Media.  We provide the content you need.

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