The President’s burden

Being a leader is not an easy job. You only have to attempt controlling even a small group of people to know this and appreciate the enormity of the task before any leader.

Nigeria, with its plethora of ethnic and religious entities, on a normal day should constitute serious leadership challenge for even a Caesar. Since normality is not something Nigeria has experienced in a rather long time, the challenge facing those who purport to lead the country – who mostly are not fit to wipe Caesar’s feet – can only be imagined.

Corruption is Nigeria’s major challenge; that’s if you ignore the ethnic and religious tensions simmering openly or under the surface. The military boys that put the First Republic to rest named corruption as a major catalyst. Similar reasons were echoed by the guys that toed their footsteps. Also, the people now advocating for a cleansing of the nation by a pseudo-Guevara approach point to it as the major ill.

Anyway, one wonders what those that changed the course of the country’s history in 1966 would say to today’s devil-may-care thievery after taking such drastic action over what would be considered today as minor kickback taking. The situation today is one where corruption has found permanent residency in government circles, where the upright is an endangered, even scarce, commodity.

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