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Audiovox SMT5600 with the new Qtek Smartphone
Audiovox SMT5600 with the new Qtek Smartphone (Photo credit: Josh Bancroft)

Years ago, the fact that one could have the space to communicate with the world was something I did not foresee. Now, not only does one communicate, but can do it from anywhere and everywhere–such as me testing my WordPress software on my smart phone with this post. The world has gone dynamic, and yet it remains the same.
Invariably, freedom of speech will get better and we may yet get to control the internet with our brains, but whether that will translate into a better world remains a big question.
At the moment, the biggest threat to world peace is manipulation of information by a set group of people. They select what we hear, see, with the hope of controlling our world view. Sadly, they are succeeding, as day by day, people react as programmed to world events. We, by virtue of these freedom to communicate and be communicated with, are really pawns in the game of global domination. It pays to question what you hear, see and what you feel about it.

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