So looking forward to this book. Had to Reblog this.

Nzesylva's Corner

My friends at Griots Lounge are set to release the very first book published under their imprint “Bonfires of the Gods” written by Andrew Oki. The book will be available on Kindle from October 1st 2012. Ahead of the release, enjoy an excerpt from the book which the publishers have graciously allowed me to run.


Author: Andrew Eseimokumo Oki

Genre: Fiction – Literary


ISBN: 978-978-922-479-1

Year: 2012

IT RAINED THE DAY I DIED. It was a kind of rain I had never experienced  before  in  my  life.  Every  drop  that  fell  on the zinc roofing sheets sounded like pebbles landing on top of my head. I felt a quiver. It almost felt like the building was shaking, or was it my body shuddering?


I often wondered what the phenomenon behind it was. Perhaps God was crying up in heaven…

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