Call For Applications: British Council Culture Journalists Training Programme

Britis Council publishers workshop

Nigeria has a developing arts and entertainment sector that currently contributes 1.2% to the GDP. This sector is however highly undervalued and struggles to receive the right amount of attention. The role of the general media, specifically the culture journalists, in drawing attention, appreciation and action towards this sector is important and cannot be over-emphasized. But how do culture journalists write about a theatre performance? How is a review different from a portrait or an essay? How can literature be featured on TV?
The British Council will offer a training programme for Nigerian culture journalists in Lagos in late October 2014 with the aim to:

• Facilitate the circulation of knowledge and experience among participants

• Improve culture reporting practise particularly to attract a younger audience

• Set up a network of Nigerian journalists

• Further the role of the media within the Nigerian arts and culture sector

• Promote exchange between Nigeria and the UK.

Participants will learn about different approaches to cultural reporting. They will develop skills and discover tools that can be used to make their arts reporting more contemporary, informed and engaging particularly for younger audiences.

Essential components of the programme include:

• 3 day workshop for cultural journalists on reporting the arts and facilitated by Nigeria and UK media specialists. Participants will be expected to write blog entries during the training, sometimes about the same topic from different perspectives.

• Attachments to local and international cultural organisations and cultural events. Cultural organisations and events will cut across the various art forms/sectors. Participants will deliver 2000 word articles on these organisations and events that will be published on new or existing media platforms for Nigerian arts and culture.


• Current journalists including arts writers, critics and theorists, working for print and online magazines, newspapers, radio, television, new media platforms, or any other form of media

• Have at least 3 years’ journalistic experience

• Be fluent in spoken and written English


Application deadline is Friday, 10 October 2014

Interested candidates should submit a CV and a one page letter of motivation to

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